Area of improvement(P.1-6)

  • Reading Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mixing Up of Tenses and Prepositions


Learning with 'ipad'

To arouse students’ learning interest, English teachers designed interactive learning activities using apps such as “Nearpod”, “Kahoot” and “Popplet”. Students were engaged in the well-planned lessons. They could learn English effectively.


Enhancement Courses

English Drama and Puppetry were organised by the NETs and local teachers which provided good opportunities for our elite students to take part in competitions outside our school which helped build up students’ confidence.


Primary Literacy Programme-Reading/Writing(P.1-P.3)

The PLPR/W aimed at providing reading and writing programme for lower primary students organised by EDB. Our NETs designed abundant fun activities so as to enhance students’ phonics, reading, speaking and writing skills. Students were exposed to the authentic English speaking environment.


Reading & Speaking Lessons (P.4-P.6)

Reading strategies and presentation skills would be reinforced in Reading & Speaking Lessons for upper primary students which enabled them to read and speak well.


English Special Agents

English Special Agents were set up to assist English teachers to conduct English activities. They also help promote English activities in the morning assemblies. Besides, they involved in “Reading Buddies Scheme” and “English Fun Day”.



An e-reading platform for interactive books, games, languages and activities were subscribed in our school website. Teachers assigned appropritate e-readers for students to read every weekend to extend their reading.


Vocabulary Learning – Wordbank

To enlarge students’ vocabulary size, a workbank was purchased by each students. They accumulated the vocabulary they had learned in lessons and in their spare time. During the writing lessons, they were encouraged to use the words they jotted down in their wordbank so as to enhance their writing content.


Interview Skills Training Courses (P.5-P.6)

Interview Skills Training courses were organised for our P.5 to P.6 students. The courses included practice questions, tips, advice and ideas to prepare P.6 students for their secondary school entry interviews. A mock interview was arranged for each students.